The world of flooring design

Floor & wall tiles

The different types of outdoor tiles

A multitude of materials can be used for exterior tiling. They can be grouped into three categories: stone (granite, sandstone, slate, reconstituted stone, marble and limestone); ceramic (porcelain stoneware, earthenware or mosaic) and cement. Stone tiles are considered to be the most resistant, just before cement.

Tile for terrace

Tips and tricks for laying outdoor tiles: terrace tiles.

Outdoor tiling

Decorate your exteriors with designer tiles of all styles at a cheaper price.

Swimming pool tiles

To enjoy your swimming pool, choose a modern, design and cheap tile.

Wood imitation tile

Renovate your garden by opting for an imitation wood exterior tile.

Strip format tiling

It allows you to create a tiled terrace with the look of an outdoor wooden terrace.

Clip-on tile

The clip-on tile allows quick and easy installation. It is reusable also.

Cladding of exterior floors

How to choose your outdoor floor tile?

Floor covering is essential not only for your comfort, but above all for the aesthetics of your home. Find out how to install a floor covering, how to choose it, the best products, the ideal floor covering for your exterior… More tips and tricks on

Terrace cladding

Which product to choose for a terrace cladding? To make your terrace a warm and friendly space, you need to choose a better covering.

What is a decorative concrete terrace? Is it possible to make your own decorative concrete flooring? The advantages of decorative concrete decks are their robustness, price, aesthetics, etc…

Parquet floor

What is a solid wood floor? How do you lay a solid parquet floor suitable for your home? How much does a solid parquet floor cost?

There are different types of wood for a solid parquet floor. For example, you can choose between: oak, bamboo, ash, acacia … Take advantage of the cheap offers by comparing prices.


Which tiles to choose for a bathroom renovation? What to clean it with? How much does it cost?

It is necessary to study the choice of a tile for your bathroom. To do this, you must choose a tile that is resistant to humidity and various projections. Choosing a single light color for the floors and walls, however, makes the tiny room appear more spacious.

Basic maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of tile

Maintaining the shine of a tile as it was on the first day requires regular maintenance and specific products. Indeed, from one type of tile to another the maintenance differs. Depending on the type of tile, some products are more recommended than others.

Exterior floor covering

Choose the right tile for your design flooring

The installation of a floor covering can be done according to one’s tastes and budget. You must call upon a professional, such as a treatment and insulation company, who will be able to carry out this installation in a professional manner.

Laminate flooring

The advantages of laminate flooring are that it is water-resistant, but it is also stain-sensitive.

PVC flooring

PVC flooring can be laid in any room of your home.

Cheap flooring

Benefit from an inexpensive, robust and easy to maintain floor covering.