The different types of floor coverings

There are several types of floor coverings. PVC tiles, PVC floor strips, vinyl, laminated parquet, solid parquet, floating parquet, linoleum, flexible flooring, carpeting, laminate, the offer is wide. So it is not easy to make your choice easily, if you…

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Discover your flowerbeds with cheap floor coverings

With the many inexpensive floor coverings available in department stores, you are free to dress up your floor as you please. PVC tiles, PVC floor strips, vinyl, laminated parquet… thanks to these, your floor will look like new. All you…

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Technique for easy installation of your floating parquet

Every careful man has the possibility to lay a floating parquet floor properly. All you have to do is follow the advice of your salesman carefully and cut the planks with application. For the rest, nothing could be easier. The…

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A selection of imitation parquet tiles

In front of the ceaseless evolution of technology, a multitude of types of coverings to embellish furniture, floors or walls are being created. The current trend is the tile, but we are still looking for tiles with the appearance of…

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The advantages of bamboo flooring

Feel like giving your apartment a facelift? Why not change your flooring. Parquet is a safe bet because it is elegant, robust and easy to maintain. But which species to choose? Why turn to bamboo flooring? Bamboo flooring is the…

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