The different types of floor coverings

There are several types of floor coverings. PVC tiles, PVC floor strips, vinyl, laminated parquet, solid parquet, floating parquet, linoleum, flexible flooring, carpeting, laminate, the offer is wide. So it is not easy to make your choice easily, if you want to renovate the floors in your rooms or simply change your style.

Criteria for choosing floor coverings

The floor covering must be chosen taking into account the use of the room in question and what it will undergo. For the entrance and hallway, which are exposed to our comings and goings, a smooth floor that is easy to maintain and resistant to moisture is most suitable. For living rooms and kitchens, a floor that is easy to clean and resistant to various types of soiling is ideal. For parents' bedrooms and offices, a floor with a comfortable feel and good sound insulation is best. The floor covering for the children's room should combine health, comfort, acoustics and above all practicality. The bathroom, for its part, should have a water-resistant floor.

Opting for a PVC or vinyl slab to change the parquet and tile flooring

PVC and vinyl tiles, the two floor coverings that differ only in their manufacture, are the least expensive because they are made of plastic and are therefore flexible. In recent years, their quality has been increasingly improved. In addition, the PVC or vinyl tiles, due to their wide width, benefit from an easy and quick break (avoiding joint marks and joints). These facings perfectly hide old parquet and tiles. All this makes them very popular for renovation. For their cutting, you can get help from an expert in the field, if you don't dare to do it yourself by equipping yourself with a mason's ruler and a good cutter.

Advantages and disadvantages of PVC and vinyl tiles

With PVC and vinyl tiles, you won't run out of decorations. Looking exactly like parquet, tiles, cement and pebbles, these plastic floor coverings are easy to install and are a cheap solution for renovating your rooms. They are a perfect thermal and acoustic insulator. And with a foam back, they will be even better and more comfortable to walk on, even in the kitchen and in damp rooms. On the other hand, PVC and vinyl tiles are not resistant to ashes and embers. So if you are a smoker or have friends who are, you should be careful around the ashtray.
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