Find the imitation parquet tile that looks like you

Are you looking for the best alternative to laminate parquet or floating parquet? Opt for imitation parquet tiles. Follow this guide, which will give you a lot of information about this floor covering, if you want to get help to find the right one for you. The details!

Criteria for choosing imitation parquet tiles

When choosing your imitation parquet tile for your interior, your choice should be based on its use. To do so, take into account a few essential elements. First of all, see how it is maintained. This is especially true for the kitchen, which is a room that is exposed to our many comings and goings and to humidity. You should also take into account its resistance to chemicals and aggressive products and its ability to withstand corrosion. Also check its width to see if you can install it in your large rooms. Finally, don't forget to look at its design and whether it gives an effect that seems to enlarge the room (if you are looking for that).

Models and prices

You can also carry your choice of imitation parquet tiles depending on the existing models and the prices offered. Indeed, this floor-like floor covering is available in many shapes and colours. But the two main shapes are the square and the rectangle. A tile can be 100 to 900 mm wide and generally 900 mm long. As far as colours are concerned, you can choose between brown, grey, light and dark. And as far as prices are concerned, you should know first of all that, unlike a few years ago, these imitation parquet tiles are no longer expensive. A high-quality model is currently only 19 € per m2.

Why choose imitation parquet tiles?

Choosing imitation parquet tiles offers you many advantages. Indeed, by opting for this floor covering that imitates the floor, you will be entitled to simplicity of installation and ease of maintenance. In addition, this wood-like flooring takes up very little space. In terms of price, the facing is relatively inexpensive compared to "real parquet". And what is very important is that, being tiled, it can very well be placed in damp rooms such as bathrooms. However, this is not the case with a wooden floor, unless it is given special treatment.
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