The various inexpensive outdoor floor coverings

There are many types of inexpensive outdoor flooring, to create a pathway through the orchard, make a terrace cladding, a parking lot or enclose a swimming pool. They vary according to their materials, each with their own specificities. Let's discover these different facings to get to know them better.

Wooden exterior flooring

Wood gives your outdoor flooring a warmth. It is available in various species and is sold at different prices. For a cheap but quality outdoor wood flooring, choose softwoods such as spruce and pine (unlike exotic woods, which are more expensive). For a long life, choose thick wood with high moisture resistance. Opt for composite, made of plastic resin and wood fibres, for your deck if you don't want to face the inconveniences of maintenance. It imitates natural wood and, unlike the latter, is easy to clean with a mop.

The exterior tile flooring

Tile is a cheap outdoor floor covering too. It is very popular because of its many advantages, including the fact that it does not need to be treated to maintain it and its high resistance to external aggression. Tiles are available in different patterns and shapes, on which their price depends. They can also imitate slate and marble. They can be laid in two ways. The first, by gluing them onto a cement slab. The second is simpler. This installation is on studs, so no slabs, glue or joints are required. With this solution, the tiles can be easily removed if you want to replace them.

Exterior stone flooring

You can also choose stone for your outdoor flooring. Natural stone, which comes in various colours, is very favoured because of its non-slip characteristics and authenticity. The most popular are slate, granite and marble. Natural stone also has the particularity of aging very well because it gets a patina over time. For an inexpensive stone terrace, choose reconstituted stone. It is formed from a fusion of cement, minerals and a natural stone casting, which is why it offers a pure effect. It is frost-resistant, non-slip and has a colour that lasts. You can use it very well for a cheap outdoor floor covering.
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