Painted floor covering: discover Epoxy!

Did you know that epoxy is a two-component paint? You can apply it on any support. Whether you need to repaint a tile, PVC, wood, stone or cement surface, you can use this product. It can be used both for renovation and for decorating a room.

Properties of epoxy paint

Epoxy paint and water-based paint do not have the same characteristics. Rather, this product has similar properties to vinyl and acrylic. Its main characteristic is none other than its incredible resistance, which allows for a stretched effect on the surface that has been painted. This type of floor paint consists of a base and a hardener. The base contains epoxy polymer binders. These react when they come into contact with a hardener. As soon as you have mixed it, it is important to apply it quickly. If you let it rest too long, the paint will harden. In this case, you will no longer be able to use it. When the solvent for this two-component paint evaporates, it starts to dry. Due to the increasing demand for mixed paints, manufacturers have increased their production. Current regulations are also pushing them to boost the amount of paint they manufacture annually. To buy this type of floor paint, do not hesitate to go to an authorized dealer. You can also buy it via a website.

Strengths and disadvantages of epoxy paint

The advantages of this tile paint are numerous. First of all, it is resistant to impacts and scratches. It is also resistant to most chemicals. Second, its covering power is better than most paints on the market today. You only need a small amount to paint a large area. Finally, this product looks good. In addition to being smooth, it has a mirror effect. In addition, it has a wide range of colours. You can repaint the floor, walls or ceiling in red, blue, green... As every medal has a flipside, this kind of exterior floor paint has some weak points. First of all, it has a rather long drying time. Secondly, it must be applied by a professional or by someone who masters its application technique. Otherwise, the result will not live up to your expectations. Do not forget that this product is toxic. For health reasons, it is recommended to open all windows and doors during application and drying time. Finally, it is preferable to always add a protective coat if you use it to paint the exterior walls of your home. Epoxy paint is not resistant to UV rays.

The application of epoxy paint

To paint a cement floor paint, you need a roller or a spray gun. Before starting the work, it is advisable to clean and treat the wall thoroughly. The wall must be clean, sound and dry. It is also crucial that it is porous for an impeccable result. The first step in preparation is to remove all friable elements and non-sticky parts. You must also degrease and dust the wall. Finally, remember to repair imperfections and fill in holes. To check the porosity of the surface, you can use the water drop test. If you are not familiar with this technique, it is preferable to contact an expert to do so. The latter is also the best person to apply the paint.
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