The sheet of stone: the new trendy material for its decoration

In terms of decoration, one material is the new trend, the sheet of stone. You've probably heard of it, but what do you know about it? What is it all about? What are its advantages? What are the possible uses? We tell you everything there is to know.

The sheet of stone, an original covering

Discovered by chance, the stone sheet is a covering made of real natural stone. It may be hard to believe, yet it is a natural stone sheet. A few years ago, it was discovered in India that by laying resin on the stone and then gluing fibreglass to it, it was possible to obtain thin layers. Over the years the process has been perfected, giving rise to this innovative material. Light and flexible, this immense sheet now makes it easy to bring the beauty of stone into interior design and decoration projects.

The composition of the sheet of stone

The stone sheet is made of a support made of fibreglass and resin. As for the stone layer, it is either slate or mica. This covering cannot be made with all the stones found in nature. As the slate stones are not very dense and have a stratified structure, only slate and mica can be used. There is no real difference between the two, apart from the finishing touches. Slate is smoother, while mica is rougher with a much more visible stratum effect.

Fields of application of sheet stone

Natural stone sheeting is a covering that can be used both outdoors and indoors. Chic and elegant, it brings character to the home. Its timeless and universal beauty means that it can be used in both new and old buildings, regardless of the decorative style adopted. It can be used as a wall covering in all rooms of the house, including the bathroom. Easy to use, it can also be used as a facing on a piece of furniture, a kitchen credenza or a worktop.

The advantages of the sheet of stone

The sheet of stone is not only aesthetically pleasing. It has many other advantages. Flexible but durable, it does not require heavy maintenance. It is also easy to install and does not necessarily require the services of a professional. It is also available in several sizes according to your needs, the price varies from one model to another. You can install it on any surface, wood, tiles and others, without having to demolish the existing support. Undeniably aesthetic and elegant, the sheet of stone is very appreciated in decoration. Available in several colors and patterns, it fits perfectly with all styles. Highlighting the spaces where it is laid, it is an excellent way to give cachet to your home.
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