Floor coverings: the advantages of laminate parquet

It's time to renovate your home and then comes the complex choice of flooring. Which type to choose? Look no further, laminate parquet has many advantages! Discover the main advantages of this modern and practical flooring without further ado.

The first advantage of false parquet: a realistic look at an economical price

False parquet flooring is an option increasingly considered by the French when it comes to renovating an apartment or house. Why is this? Because it offers an impressive range of choices. It can be found in stores in the form of strips or slabs. It imitates the aspects of wood with precision: whether you like the aesthetics of aged wood or a more patina effect, you are bound to find the laminate floor that suits you. So you can easily create a specific ambience in your room. There is also faux parquet, which imitates tile or stone - anything goes! The icing on the cake is that laminate parquet is a floor covering that is considered to be economical (due to its easy installation). Of course, the quality of the product comes into play. The range of the parquet is essential and must correspond to the use you intend to make of it.

The second advantage: quick and easy installation

The laminate parquet will not be the same for a kitchen or a children's room. Its resistance to shocks is classified according to its use: from AC1 to AC3, we consider that the covering is suitable for moderate use such as a domestic place and from AC4 to AC6, it is more suitable for outdoor use such as a public place. Once you have determined the room that will perfectly accommodate this laminate flooring, you will be able to see how easy it is to install. Thanks to its clip-on system, all you have to do is click the planks or tiles together. The result is uniform and installation requires no glue! It is possible to install a layer for acoustic or thermal insulation before the flooring.

Third advantage: easy maintenance

Ease of maintenance is a considerable advantage! This floating parquet floor consists, in most cases, of four layers. The top layer is the wear layer, which has a protective film. This provides a high resistance to wear and tear and guarantees a good solidity of the parquet floor. The higher the quality of the laminate flooring, the longer its lifespan is certified (at least 20 years). The individual strip system allows just as quick a replacement: simply remove the damaged strip without destroying the entire floor. Daily maintenance is limited to cleaning with a water-based cleaning agent suitable for this flooring. Laminate parquet does not need to be varnished under any circumstances. Some models even have an anti-static surface, which prevents dust from sticking to the floor.
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