Brighten up your interior with colourful PVC floor coverings.

Passion red, orange, grass green, candy pink, plum ..., the colours are no longer just for accessories. As sparkling as they are, the colours can perfectly revive your interior and give your ornament a healthy glow. Don't hesitate to use coloured PVC floor coverings for your flowerbeds.

The advantages of PVC flooring

PVC flooring stands out from the rest due to its excellent quality/price ratio, considered the best on the market. It is easy to install, easy to live with, versatile and can be installed in any room. Comfortable, easy to maintain and clean (with a vacuum cleaner, mop, soapy water), it is very popular in offices, public rooms and kitchens. PVC flooring also has good thermal insulation, superior sound insulation to hard floors and is compatible with underfloor heating. It perfectly imitates many materials including, among others, concrete, stone, wood, cement, tiles and is available in different colours. These colourful PVC floor coverings will surely liven up your rooms.

Pretty colours to refresh your rooms and comfort throughout your home

PVC flooring is a warm, comfortable material that imitates other facings, such as parquet and tiles. They have become increasingly popular, as was the case with classic linoleum in the 1970s. These ornaments, available in various colours, are therefore the most popular for interior decoration. Plain or delicately patterned, they come in a wide range of vibrant shades such as pink, red, green, orange, plum and grey. Coloured PVC floor coverings add a modern look to your interior.

When choosing PVC flooring, choose the right colours for your rooms

Coloured PVC flooring is perfect for kitchens, entrances and children's rooms. They are inexpensive and can be purchased in specialist shops and large DIY stores. To take full advantage of their brilliance, choose the right colours that will embellish your rooms, playing with the light. To help you, choose orange, red and plum for north-facing rooms. They will offer a little warmth, for more hospitality. And for south-facing rooms, opt for grey and green.
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