Discover your flowerbeds with cheap floor coverings

With the many inexpensive floor coverings available in department stores, you are free to dress up your floor as you please. PVC tiles, PVC floor strips, vinyl, laminated parquet... thanks to these, your floor will look like new. All you have to do is find the ones that match your rooms perfectly.

Opt for PVC tiles for a cheap floor covering.

In the past, consumers have been more inclined to buy tiles for their ease of maintenance. But PVC tiles have surpassed tile, especially those at the entry level, in terms of price. In addition, these inexpensive floor coverings are easy to install and have a very short installation time, unlike tile. On average, you only need an average of one day to install these inexpensive floor coverings, as long as your lawn is perfect and polished (this is the case for a newly built house). It should be noted, however, that PVC tiles do not imitate tile perfectly. They can, however, look exactly like parquet.

Other cheap floor coverings good to choose from

Also include imitation wood laminate floors in your list of cheap floor coverings. As they do not require underlay, they are not expensive. They are simply clipped on and cut to the dimensions of your room. Carpet is also a cheap floor covering, even if it is no longer in demand because of dust mites and stains. Carpets are still treatable, however. But you can also choose linoleum, which is very easy to lay. To install it, simply unroll it and cut it out. Marble is also less expensive.

Which cheap floor covering in which room?

Tile can go in any room. PVC tiles are perfect for the kitchen and living room. Laminate flooring has a comfortable, warm texture and insulates the rooms, and it goes very well in bedrooms because they are not exposed to frequent comings and goings. Linoleum is also perfect in the bedrooms. Its lifespan depends on how often the room is used and the thickness of its wear layer. Laminates can be used in bathrooms, especially those that have been designed against moisture. For ancillary rooms such as playrooms, you can choose sea rush carpets because, it should be noted, these inexpensive floor coverings do not offer the best of conveniences.
The different types of floor coverings
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