A selection of imitation parquet tiles

In front of the ceaseless evolution of technology, a multitude of types of coverings to embellish furniture, floors or walls are being created. The current trend is the tile, but we are still looking for tiles with the appearance of parquet. In view of the increasing number of tiles, a selection of imitation parquet tiles can be made.

Tiles with a strip appearance

Blade-look tiles have thousands of images on the Internet. You will be spoilt for choice as they are all very beautiful. The superior collections, all embellished by a better image resolution, will leave you speechless before the beauty of the blade-look tiles on offer. These imitation parquet floors can also be used as components of furniture and by its beauty, they have a large place in this environment. From a colour point of view, they are numerous and easy to handle at will, that you should think well about your project before finalizing it. This model of imitation parquet tiles follows very specific standards. It is sold in various well-defined dimensions.

The imitation wood tile

A selection of wood imitation tiles brings back to life the beauty of old varnished floors, chewed knots, colour differentiation and veining. Wooden imitation parquet tiles represent the successful union between the elegance of wood and the advantages of parquet. With the imitation wood tile, your room will find all the specificities of wood giving it its real, natural and authentic aspect. Its wide range allows you to imagine a large number of layouts and decorations. Whatever your interior, furniture or even the atmosphere you are looking for, you will always find the imitation wood tile you need. This type of imitation parquet tile is not afraid of water and above all is easy to maintain.

A familiar and warm atmosphere at home for a cheap price.

For a floor covering that combines the design effects of wood with all the advantages of tiles: warm, suitable for underfloor heating, with good sound insulation and perfect water resistance, this imitation parquet flooring is not expensive. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the range, the particularities (rules of resistance, measurements) and the finishes (design, grey, white, light tones) of these imitation parquet tiles determine their price. The latter are generally between 20 and 70 € excluding tax per m2. This is the case of imitation parquet tiles made of ceramic tiles, which are cheaper than those produced with terracotta and cement.
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