Create and customize your cement tiles online

Tiling is back in fashion and comes in a variety of sizes, styles and colours. Cement tiles are still in great demand, especially in sunny areas and seaside towns. They add an authentic and oriental look to every room in the house. Antique cement tiles create a certain touch of authenticity inside the house. It is made with cement paste, sand and marble powder pigmentation. With their mosaic patterns, cement tiles create a retro atmosphere for interior or exterior decoration. They were always traditional coverings for the living room, hallway, kitchen and verandah. The tiles can be laid in an original way as a carpet, crowned with a patterned or plain border. You can create and personalise these cement tiles yourself. However, it is recommended that you contact specialist online stores.

Cement tiles and their qualities

The cement tiles are back. They are handmade and are quickly preferred for their patterns, colours, ease of maintenance and resistance. Antique cement tiles certainly decorate floors, but also dress walls and pillars inside or outside the house. They are usually stained or decorated, but they are often available in solid colours. With its different colours and pretty neo-gothic patterns, cement tiles become the graphic element of a room. This tile can be re-edited or created to measure according to your needs. Cement floor tiles should be 16 mm thick and 12 mm thick for wall tiles. They should only be laid on a level and stable surface. Nowadays, these cements are stabilised with glue and require joints to be laid. Cement tiles are suitable for all rooms in the house except the bathroom. Naturally, they are also used in kitchens. In addition, they require special treatment every eight to ten years.

How do you create and personalize your cement tiles?

It is true that the choice of tiles is most of the time based on a crush. However, it is essential to control the technical side. Even if the creation of cement tiles is represented on various specialized sites, it is not very well explained. This manufacturing process has remained unchanged since the end of the 19th century. The technical points of this artisanal creation are based on the making of a piece, the precision of the material and the precision of the dosages. A tile made by hand is a unique piece. You can customize the colours and patterns of the cement tiles. The professional sites offer you a range of classic or trendy colours to give you imagination on how to personalize your tile. The result or sample of specialized tiles is published on the website. You can go to the simulator by a link proposed. This will give you the opportunity to view all kinds of tiles, but also to customize the tile yourself. Indeed, you can choose patterns of the cement tiles among those presented and make them live with your colour cadences.

How does the online ordering process work?

It is advisable to contact the specialists to ensure the quality of the cement tile. On the website, these experts offer you a wide choice of patterns and colours. They will be happy to advise you and are always ready to guide you. Some sites show you a wide choice of colours, sizes and patterns for walls and floors. Other professionals give you the opportunity to create and customize to your needs. The websites of the shops prove their knowledge and know-how by making original creations in terms of patterns or sizes of cement tiles. For a renovation, they also try to reprint the old cement tile. A wide choice of cement tiles, from old to modern, will be presented to you by online stimulators. On line, details of the tiles such as prices, colours and sizes available will be given to you after the order. As far as personalization is concerned, it is best to make the request by e-mail addressed to the advisers in the sites. Online stimulators give you the opportunity to manufacture your cement tiles in square and hexagon format. Delivery takes about 4 weeks and the price varies according to the colours used.
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