Tile trends: discover cement tiles!

If there is one trend in the building industry, it is cement tiles. Cement tiles first appeared around 1850, and nowadays they are everywhere, covering both floors and walls. They can even be found outdoors. What is the difference between this type of tile and traditional tiles? Why are they currently booming? And, can we find the models we want online? These few lines will give you some answers.

Cement tiles, the new trend of the moment!

Nowadays, when we visit houses for sale or rent, we see that most of them are covered with cement tiles, both on the floor and on the walls. For those of you who don't know it yet, a cement tile is different from the classic tile in its covering, which is made of colored cements. Today, cement tile manufacturers are developing more resistant coatings by combining white cement, natural pigments and marble powder. But beware, there are also tile models on the market that imitate the cement tile effect, which are covered with glazed stoneware or even plastic.

Where can cement tiles be installed in the home?

Cement tiles are more resistant and can be installed throughout the house, starting with the entrance floor and the main stairs of multi-storey houses. By choosing pretty patterns, cement tile is also a good alternative to decorate the floor of your main living room, which is the living room. Here, it is advisable to use two types of tiles with contrasting tones. This allows you to delimit the centre of the living room, if it is very large. Cement floor tiles also embellish the bedroom floor, especially as you can choose the pattern that suits your taste. In addition, think about dressing the walls of your bedrooms with wallpaper patterned tiles, this will bring even more style to the room. Because they have a resistant coating, cement tiles are also perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Opt for cement tiles, and preferably small tiles, to decorate bathroom walls, especially around the bathtub to protect the walls from splashes. Decoration professionals also recommend mosaic tiles for showers with small spaces (Italian shower). Finally, you can even use cement tiles for exterior decoration. Knowing that this type of tile is made to resist water splashes and even rain. Installing them around the pool would be a charming addition to your outdoor relaxation area. However, opt for models with non-slip coating to prevent the risk of falling and slipping.

Order and customize your tiles online

Knowing that this type of tile is more and more recommended by building professionals, it is only logical that a wide variety of models can be found in specialist online stores. Cement tiles are available in a variety of designs to choose from, ranging from antique cement tiles to modern tiles with a geometric pattern, not forgetting the current trend of zellige. It is a Moroccan tile handmade from baked clay, and is used to give a special style to your floors and walls. To offer more choice in terms of tiles, some manufacturers even go so far as to offer customers a customization option. This means that everyone can create the patterns and designs they wish to have on cement tiles. Once you have communicated your wishes to the manufacturer via an online tool, the designers will then take charge of creating your custom tiles. All you have to do is communicate the quantity you need before you have your tiles delivered to your home. In short, the personalization of cement tiles is an option that really makes life easier for those who wish to have a unique interior decoration.
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