The disadvantages of laminate parquet

We all know that laminate parquet is the easiest to install in the world. Simply click the planks together and the rest follows naturally. It is very popular as it is the cheapest of all floors. However, it has some disadvantages that you should know before you make a decision.

Laminate parquet is delicate.

Laminate parquet is ideal for bedrooms, as these are the least frequented rooms in the house and the ones in which you can walk barefoot. With laminate parquet, you will not have any allergy and hygiene problems or a feeling of cold. It should not be laid in busy rooms such as the main room of your apartment or house and rooms where you receive a lot of people. It does not support shoes with heels that damage them very easily (by breaking or bursting the blade). Laminate parquet also has the disadvantage of being very sensitive to wear and tear, compared to other floors. It has a short lifespan. Its cost is very affordable, but it is very fragile by its nature. It is not suitable for an apartment or a house that is intended to be rented.

Laminate parquet does not absorb noise.

One of the disadvantages of laminate parquet is also the fact that it is noisy. Due to its very thin nature, it has no sound insulation. All noises pass through the laminate parquet. During its installation, you should consider adding a product with sound insulation (which increases the cost of your purchase), in order to avoid the propagation of noise to the rooms underneath. An underlay with good soundproofing will do the trick. Laminate parquet, by its very nature, makes strange noises if you walk on it. This is the weak point of this type of flooring. It makes twice as much noise as bare flooring. Also, you can't sand it down. So, when the time comes for it to deteriorate, changing it is still the best solution.

Laminate parquet is an artificial product.

Laminate parquet does not have the hardness, stability, insulation and quality of wood. It is made of resins with added fibres of various densities, depending on their composition. It does not have the aesthetic, graceful and balanced character of wood. In addition, it does not look like the noble species of wooden floors and does not feel the natural warmth of wood. Another disadvantage of laminate parquet is that it is made of composite materials, omitting the robustness of solid parquet.
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