Why hiring a specialized company for your bathroom renovation work?

You are planning to renovate your bathroom to bring it up to date or to comply with current standards. Don't even think about doing the work yourself. It's not a simple do-it-yourself job. It makes more sense and is safer to hire a renovation company. Here are the reasons why.

A result that meets your expectations

When you're planning to renovate your bathroom, you may be tempted by the simple act of starting the work. However, it is more responsible and thoughtful to entrust it to a renovation company. It's a guarantee that you will enjoy a room that offers the comfort and convenience you are looking for. If you are renovating your bathroom yourself, chances are that you will encounter unforeseen expenses in the long run. A renovation company takes a calculated approach to the work. For example, many bathroom renovation professionals in Paris first study the room from top to bottom (water pipes, drain channels, taps, equipment, etc.). Based on the results of the study, which are then correlated with the customer's tastes, these experts in bathroom renovation in Paris orient the bathroom fixtures, types of tiles, furniture and accessories to be installed. In this way, by entrusting a professional with the work on your bathroom, you are more sure to get a result that meets your expectations.

Help for hiring a professional

State aid is available for individuals undertaking renovation work in their homes to bring them up to current standards. However, it is granted only if they hire a renovation company. The first aid is the 25% tax credit on the purchase of sanitary equipment, which is only granted if you are an elderly person and/or a person with reduced mobility (e.g. bathtub with door, toilet with handrails, etc.). The second aid is the reduced VAT rate of 7% for renovation work started in your home if it has been in use for more than 2 years. And the third aid is the premium of 20 to 50% on the cost of the work. It is granted by the National Housing Agency (ANAH). But, you must be a homeowner for more than 15 years and renovate the bathroom in order to adapt it to the elderly or to reduce your water consumption. In addition, the local authorities offer support for work on water and energy saving. You should always bear in mind that government aid allows you to offset the cost of the services of the renovation expert company you have hired. In addition, their expertise improves the safety and functionality of your bathroom.

Peace of mind after the work

By entrusting the work in your bathroom to a renovation company, you benefit from a follow-up. This type of professional usually offers an after-sales service or a guarantee. Depending on your project, the renovation contract may include a maintenance clause if a problem occurs. What's more, you can benefit from annual maintenance of all your bathroom equipment. This option in your contract is an insurance on the longevity of your installation. Apart from that, by entrusting the renovation of your bathroom to a professional, you also choose legality and compliance with standards. As a result, it is easier for you to obtain an insurance contract that covers you for damages following a loss or a problem after the work is done. In other words, you protect yourself from any accident.
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