Bathroom tiling: tips and advice

Tiling has many advantages, especially for a shower room, as it is always a damp room. It is easy to clean, decorates and always refreshes this room. For optimal comfort, it is important to choose the right tile model to install in the bathroom. Discover our advice.

Installing or laying tiles in the bathroom

There are three ways to lay tiles in a bathroom: The traditional way in which tiles are laid directly on a support of a special mortar. They are then sealed in this way. It's very simple! Adhesive laying, which is valid for both internal and external tiling, which consists of placing the tiles on the support of a glued mortar to fix them. This is the method that is widely used nowadays. The laying without cement or water for gluing. Polymer mastics are used for bonding the joints between the tiles. Then all that is left to do is to glue the tiles together and that's it. It's easy and doesn't require a lot of work.

Good models and colours to choose for bathrooms

The tiles wear out with difficulty and are adapted against humidity. For the bathroom or shower room, as the name suggests, which is exposed to moisture and yet very busy, tiles are therefore the best floor covering to choose. The offer is very wide. From ceramic, earthenware, stoneware, marble, cement and even vinyl tiles, the choice is yours, both for the model that suits you and for the colour that suits you best. But it is recommended that you choose tiles that are not slippery to avoid falls and that the colours are not too dark to lighten the room.

Some models proposed for your bathroom tiles

Tiles are the most popular floor coverings for bathrooms. They are resistant to wear, impact and stains. But that's not all! They are the best flooring for your toilet as they are designed to fight against humidity. What's more, there's nothing easier than cleaning these floors. If you want advice on choosing this flooring, the perfect models for bathrooms are: mosaic tiles, smooth tiles, grey camaieu tiles, wood effect tiles and relief tiles.
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