Criteria for choosing your exterior tile

Would you like to lay tiles for your exterior? In order not to regret your choice and for a perfect installation, consider a few essential criteria. These points to consider are weather resistance, anti-slip protection and ease of installation, the design and cost of the tile.

Weather resistance, which is very important for outdoor tiling.

When choosing your exterior tile, take into account that it is resistant to external aggressions. Passages should not wear it out easily. In addition, it must be a "water-resistant" covering, which can withstand chemicals and frost. To make your choice easier, refer to the UPEC classification (Wear, Punching, Water Resistance, Resistance to Chemical Agents) carried out by a specialised service, for checking and testing the tiles according to the above-mentioned criteria. Refer to the classification carried out by this body to find your covering. It should be noted, however, that for optimal outdoor tiling, it is advisable to choose a model that has at least E3 and C3 criteria.

Adherence and ease of installation, elements to be checked as well

The anti-slip properties of the tile are also good to check. Choose a model that is perfectly slip-resistant if you only want your swimming pool, stairs and/or terrace to be a real ice rink when it rains. And as we always advise, choose a model from one of the following classifications: R11, R12 or R13. This way, you will avoid slipping on your outdoor rink when it rains. And if you intend to lay your outdoor tiles yourself, don't forget to get advice from an expert on the procedure to adopt and the work to be carried out beforehand, bearing in mind that tiles are not as easy to install.

The design and cost of the tile should not be forgotten.

Of course, when choosing your outdoor tile, you already have some decorating ideas in mind. However, don't fix your option on fashionable models. Indeed, laying tiles in your yard, on your pool and on your stage is a lasting investment. That's why you should choose a neutral floor. This way, your exterior tiling will never go out of style. In addition to the aesthetic side, look at the price. Estimate the required area (including the cut-outs) and compare the price per m2, bearing in mind that some retailers have costs before tax but will always include VAT in your invoice.
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